The Climate Team is currently working with, NODAPL, Local Water Authorities, EcoRotary, Sierra Club and Alt National Park Service.

Current Actions include divesting from banks in support of NODAPL, focusing on local efforts in decreasing carbon emissions working with, working on personal ecoliteracy and legislative actions.

Currently our team is working with the Encinitas City Council to enact a new Environmental plan for the city.

UPCOMING COLLECTIVE ACTIONS: Climate March April 29 and possible Family Beach Clean up on April 22. Details forth coming.


The WC Climate Team has been working with the Encinitas City Council and the Encinitas Environmental Commission to help develop and update the Climate Action Plan for the city. Encinitas created one in 2011, however they did not commit to most of the goals outlined in this CAP, so we want to show them that we actually care about fixing it and also push for a Legally Binding CAP which would hold our city responsible for carrying out these plans and strategies. Policy needs to start on the local levels, so make sure you support a strong and hopeful Climate Action Plan!